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Rejoice, Viewers! For A Corvette SUV Is (Probably) Not Coming

Yay for us!

6w ago

The Corvette is legendary. Any objections? No. The Corvette SUV would be too. Just it would one of those monsters that occur in legends that are hideously fat and ugly and look 'best' in brown.

For years, there have been rumours and rants and speculations for a Corvette SUV. And after GM's CES presentation some days ago that teased many new products along with a SUV that looked suspiciously like a Corvette, they've resurfaced.

But Big Daddy GM has confirmed that there will be no hideously fat and ugly and look best in brown Corvettes running around Muricaland or anywhere for that matter.

So, what is that SUV, then?

Big Daddy GM's Vice President of Global Design (man, that's a long title) Michael Simcoe told The Roadshow that the two crossovers that were over on the left are both future Buick models. Yep, they're Buick even though they don't look very Buick-Vauxhall-Opel-y... Radical facelift, maybe? I don't think so since just last September Buick unveiled the Electra concept and it doesn't look anything similar to these two.

The Buick Electra with some Toyota Sera vibes going on..

The Buick Electra with some Toyota Sera vibes going on..

Buick's lineup lacks an EV in the US, though it's crossover-filled lineup makes it the perfect avenue to introduce new electric vehicles. GM didn't offer any info on the two new Buicks though they did offer some info on the Electra crossover concept, which could preview what we can expect. The Electra concept, using GM's Ultium batteries, delivered more than 372 miles/600 kilometres of range with a max output of 583 bhp. This powertrain can send the Electra to 100 kilometres per hour/62 mph in a quick 4.3 seconds.

I think GM's watching the Mach-E very closely and would make any decisions on making a Corvette/Camaro SUV based on the success or failure of the crossover that we all have come to hate. While many more Corvette variants are expected, including an electrified one (WHY, GM, WHYYYYY), an all-electric Corvette SUV doesn't seem to be on the cards right now and we're grateful for that.

So, merci for reading and ciao.

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Comments (9)

  • I'm very sus that this could be a cover-up and they just weren't expecting people to close in on the weird corvette-lookin SUV in the background.

    I don't really see a Buick.....


      1 month ago
  • That Sus was brilliant

    Also I'm not actually against an All Electric *VARIANT* of the Vette because electrification seems to be the way to profit nowadays. BUT if the Vette will be ONLY Electric then me and GM are gonna have a problem

      1 month ago

      1 month ago
  • Good

      1 month ago