Relax With Hammond And May Getting Not-Drunk And Building With Lego

1y ago


How are you spending your Saturday? Putting off work and looking for anything to divert your attention, like me? I submit to you: 1.5 hours of Richard Hammond and James May fighting and attempting in vain to construct a motor vehicle out of Lego. And getting not-drunk, for legal reasons.

I'd say neither of them prove to be the most proficient plastic craftsmen, but I probably shouldn't comment, since I'd struggle to construct a square if all I had was one square brick. James appears to get a bit farther than Hammond by the end, but if I had to blindly guess at the end what they had been building, it probably wouldn't be a car.

There's a quiz element too, which eventually degrades into James playing to get more not-vodka in him while Richard plays to avoid it. The former even has one of his own Lego facts thrown back at him from his own show. All in all, a cathartic way to learn some more about England's sole Bristol showroom and some ancient Mercedes breaking a land speed record.


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  • I watched this with a hangover the other morning, couldn’t quite get my head around it so I watched it again later in the day. What a genius idea....

    1 year ago
  • What year did Shit Nick and myself do the vodka challenge while decorating my house in Weymouth? All I remember is that he fell over first. Made me the winner!

    1 year ago


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