Release date for The Grand Tour's next season leaked

3w ago


Grand Tour fans have been dying for some concrete information about the third season of the show for some time now. Rumous have abounded, but we have not had anything solid to go on. We have been in the dark. Until now.

The leaked release date for season 3 of The Grand Tour is January 18, 2019.

See the video below for more details.

Clarkson and Hammond have been making video promos recently too:

We're putting our Type R-killing Volvo C30 on the dyno!

More here:

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  • Grand TOur IMDB page has a Christmas special on December 21st as well as January 18th date for the cars part, hopefully the guys will say something soon about the start date.

    22 days ago
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  • This ruined my day while making at the same time

    23 days ago


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