Remember BMW's action short film series?

What is The Hire?

It's a series produced way back in 2001 and 2002 featuring BMWs and demonstrated the performance of them. The series did make a comeback in 2016 but it was only one episode. Clive Owen stars in the show as the main character, known as "The Driver".

Season 1

Episode 1: Ambush

In the first episode, The Driver (Clive Owen), drives a 740i E38 while escorting a man to his destination when at one point a van full of armed men pull up beside them and threaten them because they claim the passenger has stolen a hefty amount of diamonds. The man, who is The Driver's client, claims he swallowed the diamonds and in return gets threatened by the armed men that they will do anything to get the diamonds. The Driver decides to attempt to escape and succeeds, in the process killing the armed people in the van with a loud bang. At the end of the film The Driver drops the client off and asks him if he really swallowed the diamonds. The client just laughs and walks away and then The Driver drives away. This episode made me fall in love with E38s.

Episode 2: Chosen

In this episode, The Driver has a 540i E39 and escorts a holy child who arrived by boat to America. During the process of escorting the child, they encounter many assassins who attempt to take them down. He manages to escape the assassins and arrive at the destination. However at this point, the holy man who the boy was delivered to was in fact an impostor and The Driver manages to rescue the child.

Episode 3: The Follow

Hired by a movie manager, The Driver is given the task to tail an actor's wife. He drives a 328i E46 coupe and the wife drives a Z3. It turns out that the actor was paranoid. Tailing her, he fears what he may learn of the wife's seemingly tragic life. He eventually tails her to an airport and gets a closer look of her. He learns she is leaving the country and going to her mother's and finds she has a black eye, likely from the actor. He returns back to the manager, handing back the money and says he lost her, and tells the manager to never call him again.

Episode 4: Star

The Driver in this episode is hired by a celebrity (played my Madonna) to drive to a venue in a BMW M5 E39. Without her knowledge, The Driver was actually hired by her manager to teach her a lesson. He drives recklessly through the city, pretending to escape her bodyguards. She gets tossed around the backseat and then is thrown out of the door onto the red carpet of the venue as paparazzi surround her, creating an embarassing scene. This one was hilarious to me.

Episode 5: Powder Keg

This one is a sad one. The Driver is hired by the UN to save a war photographer known as Harvey Jacobs who was wounded from hostile territory in an X5 3.0i E53. During the drive, the photographer discusses the horrors of war and his regret of being unable to help the victims. He then hands his dog tags and camera to The Driver and answers questions from The Driver, about why he is a photographer, answering with how his mother taught him to see. As they arrive at the border, Harvey starts taking picture and is threatened by a guard who draws his gun, and it seems that Harvey was trying to get himself killed. Through a barrage of gunfire, they cross the border but discovers Harvey was shot and killed by the guards during the escape. He then visits Harvey's mother and tells her that he won the Pulitzer Prize and gives her the dog tags. Unfortunately, The Driver discovers that she is blind and walks away, leaving with her Harvey's information. If only the X5 was armored.

Season 2

Throughout this season, The Driver has a Z4 3.0i E85.

Episode 1: Hostage

Hired by the FBI, The Driver helps with a hostage situation. An employee has kidnapped a CEO, demanding a ransom of about $5 million. The Driver delivers the money, and writes the amount on his hand as ordered by the hostage taker. Then The Driver is ordered to burn the money. Then Agents break into the house and attempt to neutralize the man. He than shoots himself in the head without revealing the location of the hostage. The Driver manages to save the hostage from a sinking car below a bridge. In the end, it is revealed that the hostage is actually the man's lover and the hostage torments the man as he lays dying in the hospital.

Episode 2: Ticker

In a foreign country, The Driver transports a man who is wounded with a briefcase whose contents are not revealed at this point, while being pursued by a helicopter. Then the helicopter fires rounds at the car and manages to hit the briefcase and triggering a countdown on the briefcase, along with having it leak gray fluid from it. The Driver shakes off the copter and causes it to crash and demands to know what is inside the case. It is revealed that inside is a heart which is going to be used for a transplant to a statesman who was vital to the freedom of his country. The Driver manages to deliver the package in time, finding out that another military officer who was present at the surgery would have taken over the country if the man had died, and agents who prevent interference with the man's surgery.

Episode 3: Beat The Devil

The Driver is hired by James Brown to meet with the devil to make another deal he made back in 1954 to exchange his soul for fame and fortune. He is aging and can no longer maintain his status. He decides to bet the soul of The Driver for 50 years of James Brown's life in a drag race between the devil's associate in a Pontiac Firebird on the Las Vegas Strip. At the end, The Driver makes a near miss with a train while the Pontiac hits it and blows up.

Season 3

Episode 1: The Escape

A genetist known as Nora Phillips disappears and a company known as Molecular Genetics is exposed in illegal activities of human cloning, causing the FBI to raid the facility and make several arrests. A living specimen known as Lily is escorted by Holt, who is a mercenary, to an unknown customer who bought her. The Driver is hired to transport her in a 5-Series G30 with Holt watching over him, and is ordered to evade FBI forces. When The Driver realizes Lily has human emotions, he kicks Holt out of the car with force and drives to a harbor where the unknown customer is. At the end, it is revealed the customer is Nora Phillips, the genetist who went missing, and takes care of Lily.

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