Remember Hongqi? They brought two amazing new vehicles in Frankfurt

You may remember Hongqi, the Chinese carmaker, part of the much bigger FAW Group, that built the L5 luxury saloon that Jeremy drove in "Chinese Food for Thought", in the sixth episode of the third series of the Grand Tour.

The FAW Group, and specifically Hongqi, is a big name in China but they don't really have any presence in Europe, which is why nobody was really thinking they'd show up to Frankfurt. But they did, and this is what they've brought along: a hybrid hypercar and an electric SUV.

S9 Concept Hypercar

The S9 Concept is a hybrid hypercar powered by a petrol V8, made by Hongqi, and coupled with an electric unit. It's rather striking to look at and the concept also comes with the "butterfly" steering wheel and butterfly doors.

FAW chairman Xu Liuping hasn't said much about the vehicle but he did confirm that the S9 is going to be made of carbon fibre and the powertrain is going to produce 1,400 hp – good enough for a top speed of 400 kph (248 mph) and a 0-60 time of 1.9 seconds.

E 115 SUV

This is the other vehicle they've introduced. It's called E115 and it is an all-electric SUV. Hongqi says it has a range of 600 km (372 miles) and it does 0-60 in four seconds.

This is more or less all they said about it but Mr Liuping did also say that the E 115 will feature Level 4 Autonomy.

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