Remember Luca Corberi? He's now appealing his 15 year racing ban

He quit karting after the incident but we obviously haven't heard the last of him yet.

6d ago

Lets refresh a little bit back to 2020. In the most part it was pretty awful with COVID but for Luca Corberi it was probably worse. Because of him doing dangerous actions to Paolo Ippolito at the 2020 World Karting Finals in April 2021 he received a 15 year ban from motorsport by the FIA and was lucky to get away without a lifetime ban.

Well, it seems he's starting to push his luck

He believed that Ippolito made him crash so took out revenge which was very dangerous.

All this time on he doesn't seem to have any remorse. At the time he wrote what will be visible in the picture below but he obviously thought we all forgot.

Oh how wrong he is. Other public figures led by Jenson Button also called for a lifetime ban.

The appeal hearing happens on June 22 and if I was a betting man I would say that it will fail and all of us will be laughing at him out of the courtroom.

Will the FIA forgive and forget?

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Comments (3)

  • He's right to appeal and to give the authorities the opportunity to realise their mistake and instead impose the lifetime ban that he should have been given in the first place..

      5 days ago
  • Never

      6 days ago
  • I don’t think his appeal will work in his favour

      5 days ago