Remember that ridiculous Ferrari Enzo Replica? It's Up For Auction!

It's on Cars and Bids!

Just what on earth is that?

That is a Pontiac Fiero "Fierri". It's a Ferrari Enzo replica built by using a Pontiac Fiero. Crazy, huh? It defidently is one of the funniest replica's of all time. Man, this build was crazy as heck.

Image of a Pontiac Fiero.

Image of a Pontiac Fiero.

Yes, it was even featured on Jay Leno's Garage!


''How drunk do you have to be to mistake this for an Enzo?'' is what he said when saw this. This car has it's standard engine in it, which is labeled as a V12. Since the Ferrari Enzo has a V12, it makes sense. Jay Leno was surprised when there was actual speed and power when he put the foot down. I mean, it's a replica. It was never supposed to go fast.

So, are you going to bid on it?

Sorry if this article is short, it never was intended to be a long one.

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