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Remember that time Audi recalled a car to fit a rear spoiler?

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Recalls are nothing unusual in the automotive industry, with manufacturers having to tighten some bolts or replace an airbag from time to time, but when Audi recalled the TT Mk1, it involved something a bit different.

Being labelled as a hairdresser’s car was the least of the TT’s problems, with early examples of the first-generation suffering from "instability and loss of directional control".

Owners found the rear end lifted and would lose control, especially when changing lanes at high speeds (180km/h and above) or taking sharp turns.

No wing equals deathtrap.

While traveling at speeds of 180km/h wasn’t a problem in Australia, but in places like Germany's Autobahns a solution was needed fast as this resulted in several deaths.

Audi issued a recall and stiffened the rear springs, updated the ESP, and retrofitted a boot spoiler - albeit a small one - to coupe and roadster variants built in 1999 and early 2000.

Small wing equals stability *insert thumbs up here*.

These changes were also incorporated into following production models.

It's amazing that a subtle spoiler was the difference between spinning out of control and keeping the sports car stable.

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