Remember this car?

Hint - This movie was better than Drive by Netflix

We are almost done with 2019 and I expected good movies based on quick cars and then I watched Drive on Netflix (Bollywood). I had not watched the trailer and dived straight in.

15 minutes, that's all it took for me to realize I expected way too much from it.

I won't talk much about that movie, because having really crappy CGI was a creative choice, right?


Until recently, I remembered a Bollywood movie named "Tarzan The Wonder Car" back from 2004. Oh, man! That purple car was a dream to be owned by any 13-14 year old Indian kid... and then there was Drive from 2019 (sorry the movie is just...).

On screen the purple car named Tarzan was, um, magically quick and was possessed by the hero's dad ( advanced Autonomy, they saw the future). But, whats under the hood of the flashy car?

*drum rolls*

Yup, this was the Purple car without makeup. Looks better actually.

Yup, this was the Purple car without makeup. Looks better actually.

A 1991 Toyota MR2 that was re-purposed by DC Designs (Indian firm) in hope to launch the car in to the market. Total cost of build - 2 crore INR (2004) and 8 odd months to design and build.

If I think think about it in present day, the movie flopped only due to a weak script with a budget of 15 crore INR (but still better than Drive). DC Designs hoped to leverage the movie audience to market the car, which was in fact the most bold thing any Indian auto-manufacturer had or is going to do.

Quick Spec on MR2- Torque 200 ft-lbs. @ 3200 rpm Horsepower 200 hp @ 6000 rpm Engine Inline 4

RIP you will be missed.

RIP you will be missed.

Of course it was dumped after the movie had a bad run in theaters, the actors were forgotten and when people reject it even at the auctions.

Do leave a comment below on your views about Drive from Netflix, if you dared to watch it.

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Comments (7)

  • hahha with the figurine and a better cast! how about a story reboot too? can someone please hire a scriptwriter?

      1 year ago
  • this is probably dc’s best design and as you can see, that isnt saying much😂

      1 year ago
  • Taaaaaaaaaaarzan(echo) 😂

      1 year ago