Remember When Red Brake Calipers Were The Shit?

Remember when red brake calipers were the shit?

4y ago

Remember when red brake calipers were the shit? Well now they are shit. Wind the clock back ten years and any performance car worth its salt had red brake calipers, but today no high performance car would be caught dead wearing red calipers. Don't believe me, well here's a handy photo list to prove my point.

Mercedes AMG Cars

Some Mercedes AMG cars admitly do come with red brake calipers, but those are for poor people who can't afford the optional gold paint. The poster child of Mercedes brakes are the gold AMG Carbon Ceramic brakes with the prominent AMG logo. Any sort of advertising of high level AMG product wouldn't be caught dead using red calipers like some plebeian Fiat 500 Abarth.


Ferrari, a company built on red paint doesn't even push red brake calipers anymore, now it's all about the yellow. These yellow calipers have been with us for a few years now, and I think they look great. The yellow brake calipers really stand out and look perfect on any red Ferrari, especially red.


Porsche will sell you a multitude of brake caliper colors, but the poster children for the brand, the GT2 RS and Panamera E-Hybrid both use distinct caliper hues. The GT2 RS uses a yellow caliper like Ferrari, but the new Porsche caliper color to have is the directly from the 918 Spyder Hyper car. The color is called Acid Green and you don't need to be on acid to appreciate its piercing glow.


BMW is all blue and gold calipers nowadays, leave red for the poor Mini owners. Today you can get a blue caliper with a nice M badge or spring for a yellow caliper if you want to mimic Ferrari.


The Ford Focus RS is a special car and it deserves better some chincy red calipers. Ford chose Nitrous Blue calipers since that's the Focus RS's color.

Volvo Polestar

Red brake calipers are a little showy for a mature performance car like a Polestar Volvo. All Volvo Polestar brake calipers are silver hiding their performance intentions. The subtle approach fits to Polestar's mission perfectly and red calipers would be quite silly.


Lexus performance cars use an extremely unique orange shade. They shout the performance of Lexus's F models to the heavens. These vibrant brake calipers overshadows an set of boring red calipers.

So there you have it, red brake calipers are done. They aren't used in high performance cars anymore and they look terrible when you paint them on your own.

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Comments (49)

  • What a stupid article

      4 years ago
  • What a stupid, terribly written article. Satire or not, it's complete shit

      4 years ago
  • OH Boy... so let me just get this out of my chest: This “article” sucks buddy. For starters, it wasn’t that all high perfomance cars randomly painted their calipers red, this was associated with having Brembos which come in red and white letters, which was kinda standard back then. This changed of course and now all brands have different colors yet Wilwood and Brembo retain red as a prominent color (other colors available of course). I feel like this article was written while you were drunk hahahah. And if it’s a satire, like they’re meant to be funny man.

      4 years ago
    • I would just like to add, the Volkswagen still keeps the trend of red calipers on their GTI models... and frankly, they still look awesome.

        4 years ago
  • Don't totally agree with all this, as red calipers do look quite nice on a new red Ferrari. And would compliment any red car.

      4 years ago
  • Dudes... It's satire.

      4 years ago