Remember when Top Gear made a V8 rocking chair?

I'm surprised it didn't catch on...

41w ago

At Top Gear, things have never been normal. They always have to go that extra mile and making a V8-powered rocking chair is precisely what I mean when I say this.

In order to help people with arthritis reach the TV remote, Richard and Jeremy came up with this: The V8 Rocking Chair. This was essentially a normal wooden rocking chair powered by a 6.2L V8 engine from a Corvette.

Instead of using an elderly person such as James May, they decided to use a dummy which was a far wiser decision, and as you can see, it didn't go well whatsoever. In fact, it ripped her leg off upon start-up, and this was only the tip of the iceberg...

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Comments (25)

  • They could've put some foam padding and made the world's Most powerful Massage chair. Would've ended the Male-kind as we know it but we would have gone out like absolute warriors

      9 months ago
  • Man that’s gold, I recommend you guys watch the V8 engine powered food processor clip

      9 months ago
  • The good old days

      9 months ago
  • I'm so sad they didn't market this fine invention.

      9 months ago
  • "it was an extremely clever and practical idea" said no one ever

      9 months ago