Remember when Top Gear proved that modern day speed limits are pointless?

They proved The Highway code wrong!

2w ago


Motorists of today often complain about the speed limits. They always go on about how pointless they are and point to Germany and say, "it's not fair they can drive as fast as they want."

Well, due to this, Top Gear took it upon themselves to test the Highway Code and prove it wrong by showing how quickly modern day cars can brake.

Now, the Highway Code here in the UK states that a car need 240 feet to stop from travelling at 60 mph. For pretty much all modern cars, this isn't true. You see, when the Highway Code was written, cars were slower and had brakes made of cheese. Now we have cars with proper brakes.

So, let's re-watch just how impressive the brakes are on these cars and just how wrong the Highway Code is.


I should also point out that there still are some slower and older cars about and people with slower reaction times to consider, which is one of the reasons the code hasn't been amended.

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Comments (42)

  • It’d work if people understood the capability of their own vehicle. Otherwise you’ll have transits on your ass at 110 flashing to pass but they have no hope in hell of stopping in good time from that speed.

    Certain vehicles need speed restrictions because their braking ability is the limiting factor. And education on what your car is capable of wouldn’t go amiss.

    Like my ‘66 Mustang could happily sit at 90 on the motorway but stopping it on its unassisted drums from that speed would be hazardous.

      16 days ago
    • Factor in our terrible road surfaces. There’s one section of the M25 between the M4 and M3 that’s abominable!

      And rain drainage isn’t capable of keeping the surface safe for those speeds.

        16 days ago
    • 😂😂😂😂 let man in the van past. He is off to do a job. Didn’t Clarkson point this out at some point. (Comment meant as fun).

        15 days ago
  • In the US the drivers are not capable. Vehicles to absolutely are better than vehicles made 10 years ago even. BUT with many poor and under educated driving it would be a disaster. Add in rush hour traffic, stop and go, and you are left with pointlessly high speed limits. Kansas is 75 on the western side. There is NOTHING there for hours in any direction. When you get to cities it slows back to reality. Same with many other sates. As I have aged I have absolutely slowed. I do not have, what I refer to as "the IT factor", the ability to stay hyper focused to drive at high velocities. So I do not. I now drive in a manner closer to a retiree than anything (I'm only 47, yo). But I also no longer have any need to run around like a chicken with my head cut off nor do I travel long distance. I only drive locally due to disability. I represent a fair portion of the population and with COVID many many more will be joining me (had West Nile but similar complications).

      16 days ago
    • I’m 59 and recently became disabled. I can still focus and drive fast, I love driving fast!

      But I must admit, 98% of my driving now is pottering about.

        15 days ago
    • My brain got fried from West Nile, meningitis, encephalitis and Guillian-Barre at the same time. I do my best.

        15 days ago
  • There's the reaction time, which is especially important now many cars can cruise with autopilots. And different cars have different braking performances. Not to mention the brakes on the old cars (including the classic cars everyone adores) are rubbish. And there are heavy vehicles like trucks and coaches. And who brakes with full power all the time?

    Of course these are just comic relief which we all laugh off as CHM fans, but I hate it when some bigots really take their gags seriously.

    P.S: driving at a safe distance doesn't mean driving slowly. I don't mind going at 150mph when there's no car ahead but I will reconsider if there's unpredictable traffics ahead.

      16 days ago
  • I do struggle to stay at 70mph on the motorways. Of course you’ll get these people that will call you all sorts of a criminal for even thinking of going over that but speed isn’t the issue. The ability to react to a problem, the safety aspect of your vehicle and the technology will all depend on what speed might be suitable for you.

    It would be great if we could be left to our own devices and make our own decisions about this but unfortunately there’s always going to be certain types of human that will stop that:

    1) The ‘I never break the speed limit and you shouldn’t either’ type

    2) The person that owns a classic or less modern car that doesn’t have the technology (ie the best brakes) to justify the increase

    3) The absolute moron (can usually be found in a BMW- and before anyone says anything, I own a BMW and I’m taking the piss!) that uses speed increases to satisfy their urges to drive like they stole it... MANIAC!

    So whilst it would be nice... I just don’t see it happening in the near future (unfortunately!)

      15 days ago
    • Audi drivers are like that too in China. They never respect any rule or traffic law (literally ANY).

      Whenever I see a BMW or Audi on the road I either brake or overtake immediately in order to stay away from them.

        14 days ago
  • Oh yeah, 66 Mustang on drums! Scary lol bet my transit stops faster

      15 days ago