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Remote Parking

I really like the concept of remote parking and BMW amongst others are now doing it. The marketing blurb states that if you are needing to park in a tight parking space you can get out and drive it in when you are outside the vehicle.

I have some fundamental issues though:

1. This feature is typically on more expensive vehicles, precisely the type of vehicle I would worry about parking dings from other drivers.

2. If the space you are trying to park in is that small that you can’t get out, what are the car owners either side of you going to do when they try to get into their vehicles.

Ultimately they’ll have to squeeze in, there is therefore a significantly higher risk of parking dents and you’ll curse every time you see the dents. They have however probably cursed you for parking in such a tight space in the first place.

Answer: don’t buy the remote park option, park in a larger space away from everyone else and park next to a more expensive car as you can be assured they won’t want to damage their own cars!

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  • I drive a 2005 A3 TFSi and always park next to the nice car. Mine may only be worth £2500 but I don’t want it dented either

      7 months ago
    • Absolutely. Park next to a more expensive car is the best way to safeguard your own car.

      I have on occasion parked as far away as possible where there were 100’s of nearer spaces. It really annoys me when someone with poor parking skills then...

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        7 months ago
    • I last parked next to a GT3 RS, I came back to the car while he was walking around his car and when he realised I was the car next to his he got funny with me so I just said that I like my car too and you ain’t going to hit mine and got in a drove off while...

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        7 months ago