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Removing my M3's felt undertray for aluminum

I ditched the destroyed felt crap for a Pinnacle Motorsports aluminum undertray.

10w ago

If you do not know. The BMW E9x chassis M3 comes with this felt undertray that cannot really take too many hits or scrapes. I bought my BMW E92 M3 used, so sadly the previous owner must not have had much skill in entering and exiting their driveway. The undertray is basically three pieces, but as you can see mine was on its last leg. So I wanted to replace it for something better.

For the replacement there are plenty of people pedaling their own aluminum aftermarket undertray options. I opted for one from Pinnacle Motorsport out in the UK after seeing some people I follow in the M3 community running them.

After removing the felt undertray I felt it was the perfect time to flush the coolant as the drain plug is hidden behind one of the felt pieces. After the coolant flush, I installed the Pinnacle Motorsport undertray and I am quite happy with the results. Be sure to check out my video above for a time-lapse of what it is like to remove the old and add this amazing new aluminum piece!

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  • Should have used the flat head screws for smoother airflow

      2 months ago