Renault Captur 1.3TCe Review

Hi Guys! This is the cute Captur that I was testing. This little city crossover is build on the basis of our beloved Clio. Is about to be exchanged for the new one, so this is the last shout of this first Generation.

The looks has been changed so it no more looks like a spider mouth from the front. Looks more cute instead, and is very appealing, almost like it really wants to become your Best friend!

The inside is of course Clio-ish and comfortable. All the instruments are Easy to reach and find. There are soft touch materials where you put your hands most of the times. I had no armrest but you can buy it as an option. Another very positive thing were the upholstery that, thanks to its zipping is dead Easy to exchange, when some of your deliberate mates spills something up for example.😠 BTW front seats were good, good for long distance driving.
Legroom in the back is reasonable, I’m a 1,9m big lad and I just fit behind myself. Didn’t like the Plastic cover of the front seat at the back... Boot surprised me, I don’t even know why I expected something bigger, but it had a double floor and I believe the size is just fine for a young Guy like me or even a small family. The rear seats are also able to move more to the front to make boot space a little bigger.

The Engine
The part of a Car that I was the most excited about. The, well at that time Brand new 1.3TCe producing 110KW so 150bhp. And with no more saying I want to say that this engine with this Power output is the right for this Car. From 0-62 in 8 seconds and the top speed of 220(216 in the papers) but I tried it as well... Great dynamism and with the 6 speed manual and Cruise Control very fuel efficient. The trip on the motorway to my grandparents and back home fully loaded on the motorway with 130km/h set in Cruise Control meant 6.1l/100km. And that’s great. Oh and that was without the Eco Mode Button on. With that on it was 7.3l/100km.... RPM at 130 were 2300.. Great great engine, definitely choose this one.❤️

It was comfortable mostly but it was also sitting nicely in the corners when I wanted it to. I also took it for some off roading, and it did fine, just what you need if you want to really Get On somewhere deep in the nature.

In terms of Equipment, I had the Intens model, which is the top of the Range in my Country. France also has the Special Initiale Paris. But back to the Intens.Heated seats, Cruise Control, 360 parking camera alongside Park Control(worked well but I’m quicker), R-Link, Full LED Lights. All this for about 20 000 euros which is not bad. And with the new Captur in the little distance, think about if you want this or the new Gen. I personally liked it veery much. Sensible, Comfortable and Little Car.❤️