RENAULT Espace Biturbo Quadra
-HiPerformance MPV which We all have forgotten
The mighty Renault Espace Biturbo Quadra-as our today's starring auto, was built based on the second-gen Espace Quadra which was coded J63. Also only 4WD available.
Somehow, after the production of Alpine A610 Turbo, the engineers of Renault decided to start manufacturing a high-performance turbo V6 version of their 2nd-gen Espace, as well as using the Espace as the probe of later's Safrane Biturbo and Laguna Biturbo.
So they set off, giving the project the code "P46".
Soon, the single turbo on the A610 engine was replaced by two parallel Garrett turbos, detuning the power down a little bit. At that time, a 265hp engine was already powerful enough for a sports car, needless to say its booming effect on a MPV like Espace. So the Espace Biturbo Quadra then received almost all customers' attention, with a 0-60MPH sprint in approx. 7.5 seconds while the top speed was higher than 140MPH.
However, we all should know that an MPV with a high gravity centre is not going to be steady at high speed. Not even the chassis-reinforced Espace Turbo. So after a short while of concentration, the heat of the E.B.Q. went down. And because of this (only very few customers would actually pay for this Twinturbo Espace), the Espace Biturbo Quadra never went into mass-production. Only a few still exist.
p.s. the exterior of EBQ was at least more sporty than the original one.

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