Renault Espace F1

In 1994, Williams-Renault carried off the Formula One World Constructors’ championship for the third year on the trot. The Renault V10 was to go on to win three more constructors’ titles.

This resounding success was celebrated with one of Renault’s more eccentric developments: the Renault Espace F1. The engineers at Renault and Matra took up the daring challenge of developing an F1 MPV made of composite materials. The rear axle, gearbox and rear-centrally positioned engine were taken from the Williams FW14 Formula 1 car that triumphed in the 1992 World Championship, while a special front axle was designed and the Espace structure was reinforced.

This Formula 1 car in city clothes was unveiled at the Paris Motor Show in October 1994 and was used mainly for promotional purposes. A few well-known personalities were lucky enough to be taken for a drive in it by Eric Bernard or Alain Prost and the Espace F1 was also used as a safety car on a few circuits.

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Source: Groupe Renault

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