- Pic Credit: Renault Sport.

Renault F1 renamed as Alpine F1 for 2021 season onwards

I think they will use the Blue white and red livery in the picture as well

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Renault has announced after the Italian Grand Prix held at Monza that from the coming season onwards they will race under the Alpine brand.

The reason behind this rebranding is to put the colours of French excellence at the heart of Formula 1. According to Groupe Renault, Alpine is a symbol of sporting prowess, elegance and agility. For Alpine, this is a big step for them to grow the development and influence of the brand. However, the team will continue with Renault's expertise in hybrid powertrains and will retain the E-Tech name.

They have also mentioned that with the budget caps and new technical regulations from 2022, the plan to return to the podium and win with their new name and colours is a priority.

Pic Credit: Renault Sport.

Pic Credit: Renault Sport.

“This change comes at a key moment in the trajectory of the team and the sport. Alpine brings a new meaning, new values and colours to the paddock with the spirit of competition from other worlds and French creative agility." says Cyril Abiteboul, Team Principal Renault DP World F1 Team, he continues "These will be assets in the preparation of 2022 deadlines. The new regulatory and financial framework will establish the conditions for a fairer motor sport in its redistribution of revenues; simpler and progressive in its governance. The implementation of the "budget cap" will put an end to the expense race and will allow the signatory teams to be measured for their sporting value. Alpine has its place in Formula 1 and can challenge for victory.”

Honestly, I am very happy to see the Alpine in F1, considering its past in motorsport, it feels like a great fit for the sport. If the livery of the cars will look anything like the livery in the announcement picture it will surely look great. Additionally, Fernando Alonso will be at the wheel of the F1 car, Last time he was at the wheel of a blue f1 car from Groupe Renault, he won the world championship.

What do you think off Alonso at the wheel of an Alpine F1 car?

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  • The livery is actually cool!

      14 days ago