Renault Laguna BTCC - 90´s Touring Car still impressive in HillClimb Racing

The Wiebe Family still showing how good the Williams Engineering built Laguna Touring Car is

The Wiebe family has specialized over the years in Renault Racing cars in the German Berg-Cup series, and while they are focusing on the new Renault Clio SuperTurismo we have shown on our Channel before, let´s not forget the fantastic Renault Laguna BTCC Monsters they own and we immensely successful with.

One of those units is exactly this one shown here and that Bjorn Wiebe raced once again this year at Osnabruck. Still good enough to place among the Top 5 in the E1-2000 Class, this French Touring Car, for those who don´t know, is a Naturally Aspirated 2.0L FWD Car, capable of 310Hp/8750Rpm, moving little over 900Kg ( lighter in Hillclimb-spec given the regulations allow it) and equipped with one of the very first 7-speed Gearboxes ever fitted to a Race Car outside of Formula 1. And speaking of which, this machine was originally built between Renault Sport and William Engineering, so the F1 connection is quite a big one. And most of all, it is a pleasure to still see such a rare machine still being driven this hard in a Racing setting...

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