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R​enault officially withdraw Racing Point appeal

R​acing Point has been dominating the media with their controversial brake ducts recently, but Renault has decided to lighten their load.

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S​parking fury

During the 70th Anniversary Grand Prix weekend at Silverstone, Racing Point were discovered to be using rear brake ducts that were a blatant copy of such parts from the 2019 Championship-winning Mercedes W10. Understandably, many teams were outraged by Racing Point’s apparent lack of innovation, and demanded that the FIA intervene immediately.

P​hoto credit: Racing Point

P​hoto credit: Racing Point

After being inundated with complaints and demands for justice to be served, the FIA reached a verdict and deducted 15 Championship points from Racing Point, also issuing the team a relatively measly €400,000 fine. However, both cars were still permitted to run with the same brake ducts, which only served to further outrage the rest of the paddock.

Soon after this decision was made, Ferrari, Renault, McLaren and Williams all announced their intentions to appeal the decision made by Formula 1’s governing body, to seek further and more drastic action - though the two latter teams eventually backtracked and redacted their previous appeals.

R​enault puts the issue to bed

On the Tuesday before the Belgian Grand Prix weekend, Renault made the definitive decision to let the matter rest, explaining “the controversy of the start of this season should be put behind us”.

P​hoto credit: Renault

P​hoto credit: Renault

“[Renault] confirms that it has requested to withdraw the appeals lodged against the stewards’ decisions in relation to BWT Racing Point F1 Team’s brake ducts,” said the French team in an official statement.

”​...the matters at issue were vital to the integrity of Formula One...”


“Beyond the decisions, the matters at issue were vital to the integrity of Formula One, both during the current season and in the future. However, intensive and constructive work between the FIA, [Renault] and all Formula 1 stakeholders has led to concrete progress in safeguarding the originality in the sport by way of amendments to the Sporting and Technical Regulations planned for the 2021 racing season, confirming the requirements to qualify as a constructor.

“​The controversy of the start of this season should be put behind us...”


“Reaching this strategic objective, in the context of the new Concorde Agreement, was our priority. The controversy of the start of this season should be put behind us, as we need to focus on the remainder of an intense and unique Championship.”

N​ot in the clear - yet

Despite having one less team nipping at their heels, Racing Point’s future is still not entirely safe; Ferrari remain staunch in their belief that the team needs further punishment, but will they too withdraw their appeals as the season progresses?

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