Renault reveals 2027 concept Formula 1 car

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Unveiled at the Shanghai Motor Show, the RS 2027 Vision Concept Car is Renault's prediction of how the F1 cars will look like in a decade's time.

The car would use a hybrid powertrain, producing a power of 1341bhp for a weight limited to 600kgs - far less than the current weight of an F1 car.

It would come with a four-wheel steering, V6 turbocharged engine and two-part kinetic energy recovery system, producing up to 500kW.

Keeping the safety aspect of the driver intact, the French team has designed the car with a 3D-printed transparent closed cockpit, which will protect the drivers against any risk of a flying debris - much to avoid a situation like that of Justin Wilson, and or Felipe Massa.

Side view of how the closed cockpit would work [Copyright: Renault]

The ultra-strong impact and flame-resistant polycarbonate material will allow the driver to remain safe inside a capsule-looking cockpit, in case of a vehicle roll.

The C-shaped LED headlamps with an illuminated diamond badge of the Renault's brand icon on the nose keeps the 'wow' factor of the futuristic car very much in check.

It also comes with an active LED lighting in the wheels, which will display data such as the driver’s position in the race and the vehicle’s energy situation.

LED lighting on the sides showing the Lap number [Copyright: Renault]

Cyril Abiteboul, MD, Renault Sport Racing said: "One of our aims at Renault Sport Racing is to point the way to the future of Formula 1, helping this discipline pull in audiences in an environment consistent with Groupe Renault objectives.

"We’re very proud of this concept car, which addresses fans, motorsport enthusiasts and the public at large with a tantalizing expression of our ideas and aspirations for the future.”

[Image courtesy: Renault]

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  • The reality is that by 2027 the regulations from the FIA will be super tight like they are now, meaning less freedom in the design. Don't think it will look like that for a long long time !

    1 year ago
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  • Like the concept but find it hard to believe a rear wing wouldn't still be needed.

    1 year ago
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    • It seems to be an active wing, like those on the new supercars

      1 year ago
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    • Personally i think not having the wing is part of the "wow" factor for the publicity pics, when on the track, like the 3rd pic, it has a wing put on.

      1 year ago
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