Renault Wind: the forgotten cabriolet

This is a roadster the world forgot, and I am here to bring it to light.

Yesterday, as I was cycling in my town, I spotted an interesting sight: it was a small cabriolet with a hard-top, and it was made by Renault. I've never seen anything like it, and so I took some photographs in order to capture this unique creation.

The car's name was Wind, and it was truly an amazing sight, because I never heard of Renault ever producing a roadster called Wind. So, naturally I went onto Google, and sure enough, it was there, thus confirming that I was not going insane.

From what I found out, it seems that Renault intended to make Wind as an affordable and fast "city roadster"; the chassis for example was tuned by Reanultsport, which contributed to the production of several of the brand's sporty cars, such as the Clio V6 - which at the time was the most powerful hot hatch ever made.

It seems however that the result was not as successful as the company might have expected, since in 2012 the Wind was pulled out of the UK market, and then a year later Renault stopped producing the car altogether.

These cars are also quite rare; I went onto AutoTrader and there were only 22 Winds up for sale. The good news however, is that they were quite cheap; you can buy a used Wind from AutoTrader for just around £3800, which is a pretty good price for a small hot roadster.

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Comments (7)

  • It’s forgotten for a reason.

      2 months ago
  • That must be interesting to drive, especially with the Twingo RS's engine

      2 months ago
  • My firend had one, the roof action is really quite clever and obviously done to keep cost low. It basically hinges on the training edge and flips into the "boot"

    Quite a small fun car but that name..

      2 months ago
  • "It's a Renault Fart" Richard Hammond.

      2 months ago
  • Wind is the car I'd feel self-concious about breaking in public.

      2 months ago