Renault/Alpine F1 Team to run classic Alonso Livery for 2021

Alonso's return has sparked some feelings at Renault.

43w ago

Alonso's Return

In 2018 the 2 time Formula 1 world champion that he would retire from f1 at the end of the year. Since then he has done some indy 500 with Mclaren. But with a seat now open at Renault since Daniel Ricciardo is moving to Mclaren at the end of 2020. Recently he completed some time on the simulator and the seat fit.

The Livery

Personally I think that they have brought back the livery to signify the change to Alpine and Alonso's return. But also to try and get Alonso back into winning form, this may make no sense to some of you but it does to me.


Thanks for reading, this has been one of my shorter articles and I hope you enjoyed.

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