Renault's comeback after Lotus' struggles

- What looks like a Front Diffuser
- Rear Wing Low Downforce Spec: The team also had a very low downforce rear wing offering in Italy, used by a lot of other teams at this circuit, which featured a spoon-style design.
- Front Wing Spec 2: An overview of Renault’s latest specification front wing at the Italian GP shows how the team have moved to the more inboard flap adjuster.
- Lower Endplate: Renault’s rear wing in high downforce trim, complete with the McLaren style endplate strakes.
- Exhaust : A close up of the RS18’s exhaust solution, which saw the main outlet mounted closer to the underside of the rear wing and shotgun style layout utilised for the wastegate outlets.
- Front Wing Endplate: The side-view shows that the rear surface was split into many sections
- WINThis shot of the RS18 in a state of undress allows us to appreciate the airflows pathway from the inlet to the rear brake caliper.
- Brake Drum: When it comes to cooling the front brakes Renault had numerous options up its sleeves, the left iteration shows a short drum casing that fully exposes the disc, while on the right hand side is the enclosed version which includes crossover pipework.
- Rear Wing Endplate: The open end style approach first adopted by Toro Rosso
- Test Front Wing Prototyp:
- Front Wing Intricacies: Renault introduced a new front wing concept at the Hungarian GP, which saw a much wider static section in the outboard section to help deal with shaping the wake generated by the front tyre. Revisions to the endplate and outboard footplate were also made to further solidify this effect
- Front Wing: Renault started to play around with different front wing flap lengths and angles in the opening phase of the season, here’s one specification used in Austria on Carlos Sainz Jr’s car.
- Bargeboard in detail: This shot shows how detailed the footplate has become this year for Renault, it's become a complex array of striations were used to manipulate airflow.
- Side-Pod,, Bargeboard and Duct
- Mirror-attached Halo
- Renault's S-Duct Having u the traditional short-stack ‘S’-duct solution in previous years the team switched to the longer iteration for 2018 – a design made possible by various regulation changes in the last few seasons.

The tech insights to how Renault won the 'Class B' Championship

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