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The Kangoo and the Express, which one is pointless?

16w ago

The thing with me is I've always had an inexplicable love for small French vans. So when the new Kangoo was announced a while back I was immediately curious about it and began looking into it (old man's is looking to get a second vehicle soon and made it pretty clear that not having a van in the driveway is difficult at times) But I began to notice there seemed to be more than one vehicle. The Kangoo and the Express, not just a different name but two different vehicles. It's quite normal for vehicles to be made for different markets yet these seem to advertised together.

The first one, the Express (which looks to be a heavily updated Dacia Dokker) is from what I can gather to be, a budget level small van/mpv that's more than capable for light duties. The engines appear to be adequate and load capacity is normal for a van of this type. But it seems to be a risk of being overshadowed by its ever so slightly advanced sister, the Kangoo.

If you were to sit down with both vehicles it really would be top trumps, there's advantages with both vehicles. The Kangoo has an EV option and pillarless side door could be a godsend for delivery drivers. The Express by comparison appears to be more simplistic and conventional.

Both vehicles are almost identical in terms of spec and apart from the few quirks on the Kangoo, I really struggle to see why there is a need to build two different vehicles that do the same job and when you compare them together, it seems counter productive to sales, even if no country will sell both vehicles together. But it strangely is the reason I like both of them.

So although they both are vehicles I like, I can't help but feel that one will drastically out live the other. Leaving the only question being...

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