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Renaulution: A plan to renovate Renault...

Overnight, the Renault Group has released their plans to create 24 new models by 2025 set to excite the car community.

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A few years ago, Renault brought the Zoe to earth as an affordable electric car for the masses, they plan to continue their development with a concept they are calling 'Renaulution'. Renault plan to bring 24 new models (10 of which are fully electric) to the market by 2025 across all brands - Renault, Dacia, Alpine, Lada and new mobility brand called Mobilize. From now until 2023, Renault will focus on renovating the brand in order to boost profitability rather than volume. This means a drop from 4 million units in 2019 to 3.1 million by 2025.

Let's run through Renault's key brands...

Renault themselves have treated us all with the Renault 5 EV concept designed by Gilles Vidal - set to land before 2025. It pays homage to the original Renault 5 classic with sloped rear lights and square-shaped headlights. It looks absolutely phenomenal and I imagine the tech will be equally impressive. It is believed to become a direct rival to the equally-fabulous Honda e. Which would you choose? I'm genuinely torn.

Alpine will be teaming up with Lotus to create an electric successor to the A110, a crossover and a hatchback. This is very exciting news for Alpine if we consider the ground-breaking Evija recently created by Lotus. Alpine have also taken over the Renault F1 Team as the Alpine F1 Team to further push the brand into the limelight. Alpine have an exciting few years ahead, as it seems. Porsche, get ready to panic...

Dacia have also teased us with the Dacia Bigster C-segment SUV concept. Renault boss Luca de Meo said, "Dacia will stay Dacia, offering accessible products based on affordable and proven technologies", followed by suggesting that the Renault and Dacia brands have become too close over the years in certain aspects.

Renault has also announced a new sub-brand called Mobilize, which teases car sharing schemes and to "allow Renault to go beyond automotive" - according to de Meo. The new Mobilize car has a very similar idea to the Citroën AMI, and will act as a successor to the Renault Twizy. I can't be the only one badly wanting one of these.

Clearly, the future for the Renault Group is looking bright, let's just hope that these plans actually head into action along with the rise in EV infrastructure. If this is the future for Renault, count me in, because I really want that R5 EV concept!

What's caught your eye from the Renaulution concept? Let me know your thoughts in the comments below...


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