Renesis v Welham v Coleman v Jackson will live on

Come find us on YouTube and I don't know where yet

In late 2019, I told John 'That's Pant's Coleman I wanted to revive the DT Watches tribe, it was comatose back then, and I think it went well. We created this new segment where John 'Where Port' Coleman, Ben 'Gimme Tudor' Welham, Patrick 'I Dont Drink' Jackson and I discuss watches.

As DT is coming to an end we want to make sure this segment live on, which is why we're turning it into a podcast. We're not sure where or how, but we'll almost certainly an old YouTube Channel that I've repurposed for this very reason. I've linked a random video that I uploaded on it a while ago so you can go follow it if you want. It's called 'The Watch WankerZ Podcast'.

Also make sure to follow us on Instagram, 'cause we're gonna use it to share any news about this project: Ale, Pat, Ben, John

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  • Watch WankerZ with a Z, of course, we're all cool kids here

      3 days ago
  • When are you guys going to get together and do a Top Gear Takeover (or The Grand Tour Takeover) and continue leading this fun car parade!?! And Watch parade and Shananigans montage? Somehow you’ve captured together the same vibe from Jeremy, James, and Richard , and have done so through an app, no less. Keep up the great work and I’ll try and find you on the other side. (Propose to Amazon and see what happens?)

      3 days ago
  • For anyone who wants to chat watches with us in the meantime, come join the Drive Section Discord server! We've got a dedicated watch chat in there, and will be adding watch content to the website soon as well...

      3 days ago
  • The war goes on

      2 days ago
  • How exciting!

      2 days ago