- Early morning sun at The Corkscrew, Laguna Seca.


26w ago


Having been away for much of September, going to California with fellow Club Mulholland members for a week-long Porsche-fest wasn't an easy sell in to Mrs.G at home. In fact, it didn't go down well at all. But I missed it last time, so there was no way it was going to happen this time. We had a house booked in Carmel, just a short 20 minute drive to the Circuit. In many ways, this was going to be perfect - we'd even hired Porsches so we didn't turn up in floaty American SUV. Cool, right?

Day 1, the Thursday, had crazy fog to get us started. The lack of colour in the sky only served to tighten the senses though. This 'Porsche World' didn't look like anywhere else, or feel like anywhere else. Walking around the paddock early Thursday morning was very special. The level of cars available for us to salivate over was off the scale - truly. The Chopard 'tent' was incredible, and then there was the cars being prepped to go out on track around the many paddock areas. Amazing. The owners and teams were only too happy to talk too, and I have to say I was having the best time. Ever.

The Chopard tent had literally everything - from 550 Spyders to RS Spyders. Fire breathing K3 935's to a sublime 993 GT1. If there's a heaven, this is how mine will look. No angels, just P cars with straight-through exhausts. The time spent comparing the 911R Prototype #4 to the Le Mans winning 935 was fabulous. And because of the weather, and the time of day, we were almost there on our own!

The Porsche 919 Evo was also there, sitting pretty in the main garages. This car would spend several sessions on the weekend pounding round - trying to break the lap record? Maybe. If they were, they didn't succeed, but they were mighty close if they were just doing exhibition laps. It looked soooo bloody fast. Otherworldly.

By the afternoon on the Thursday, jet lag was kicking in and we were happy to go back to the house for a late afternoon nap before going out to dinner later. Getting old is a bitch. So, Day 1 was a resounding success. Porsche had smashed it out of the park with the standard of cars on display. The best I've ever seen in one place.

On the Friday, we were back in time for breakfast. More of the same, we wandered around the paddock lapping up the quality that was on show. And then Porsche played it's 'ace', announcing a car nobody knew was coming – step forward the GT2 RS based, 934. It's definitely a very different car, but one I don't actually understand. It all feels a bit self-indulgent. A bit, Aston Martin. A car that isn't road legal? And isn't homologated for racing? So, what do you do with it then? Given how many issues the marque has with 'genuine' Porsche owners that buy GT cars and then miraculously change their mind about owning a few weeks later (and sell for a handsome profit) - I'm surprised they have decided to fuel that with a car that's designed especially for Collectors - or flippers. I can certainly admire what it is, but would I want one? No thanks. Had it been the much-discussed GT2 RS Clubsport, that would've been a different matter. I know people won't agree with me, but that's just my opinion.

And that brings me on to my one disappointment with Rennsport Reunion VI. But it's a big one for me. There isn't enough racing. There was effectively six races only - over four days. Each lasting 25 minutes. This is where Goodwood do it right - you go to the Revival or Members Meeting, and it's packed solid with races. Each class of car getting at least one race, many race twice. And that is what let down Rennsport for me. It was a bit boring. Once the initial euphoria of seeing the coolest cars on the planet had worn off, there was far too little racing to back it up. Saturday had some qualifying, but that wasn't all that exciting. And the free-practice sessions were more like parades for most of the cars.

So there we have it. Rennsport Reunion had some of the very best cars ever curated in one place, but they were 'race' cars. And most were parked up in a Chopard tent. And those that did race, only did so once. Porsche, please do this event again, but next time - maybe you should do it at Goodwood? At the very least, get them to organise the racing schedule. And get the 2.0 litre 1964-66 SWB grid to race too - proper racers, proper 'racing'.