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Report on the Chinese Motor Show: How hard can it be?

Spot the Grand Trio #7

In a bid to inject some serious motoring journalism into 'The Grand Tour', the producers set Jeremy and his colleagues the task of reporting on the Chinese Motor Show. Unfortunately, due to having a few too many 'Tsingtaos' in the hotel bar, Clarkson offended their interpreter SO BADLY, that she stormed off - crying her eyes out.

Practical as ever James stepped up to the plate, insisting that he 'spoke a little Mandarin'. Supposedly a result of his regular visits to the Wing Hing Wa takeaway in Hammersmith. Richard was skeptical, suggesting that asking the taxi driver for a portion of sweet n' sour pork balls and the cream of Sum Yun Gai might not get them to the show. However, without any other option James went for it, using a series of broken chinese phrases and expressive hand gestures - he explained where they needed to get to.

After spending 20 hours in the taxi and missing the first day of the show, they arrived at the Canton Trade Fair. Jeremy, conscious of time insisted that they might be showing some vehicles and that they'd have to get what footage they can.

Unfortunately, today is the Home Appliance day and there isn't a single vehicle to report on.

Help Andy Willman round them up so he can get them onto a plane up to Beijing before the Motor Show ends. Otherwise 'The Grand Tour' will feature James May's review of a Blender, Clarkson's top tips for buying a whisk and Richard's 'Cheap Dishwasher Challenge'.

Can you spot the Grand Trio?

Can you spot the Grand Trio?

So! How did you do?

And how hard was this one?

Well done if you DID find them all! Maybe there's a job as a runner for you at 'The Grand Tour'? You must have an eye for detail.


Martyn Stanley

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Comments (14)

  • I am useless, I've decided.

    Though this time I found May.

      3 years ago
    • Ooh! Well done, 1/3 isn't bad. Keep looking though! They ARE there and you'll recognise them when you see them. Here's a clue one of them isn't on the ground floor.

        3 years ago
    • I'm going to open it in something I can zoom in on...

        3 years ago
  • ha?Guangzhou Auto show is in late Nov…

      3 years ago
  • Easy peasy lemon sqeezy

      3 years ago