Reports say Michael Schumacher is no longer bedridden

The seven-time F1 world champion is still recovering from his head trauma nearly five years on

2y ago

It has been nearly five years since Michael Schumacher suffered from head injuries while skiing, but reports seem to suggest that the F1 legend isn't isolated to a bed anymore.

Sportsmail has reported that the seven-time world champion isn't completely bedridden and is in fact living in the main body of his Swiss mansion with close family.

If this is true, it is promising news for Schumacher, potentially meaning that his condition is much better than we once thought.

The Jordan, Benetton, Ferrari and Mercedes driver is the greatest F1 driver ever, with a massive 91 wins and seven world championships to his name. Previous to his F1 career, he was a promising sportscar driver with Sauber during the epic Group C era.

His accident however – a fall while skiing off-piste in Mirebel – put a sudden stop to his public life and has seen him recuperating behind closed doors, apart from the odd trip to specialist hospitals.

We wish him all the best with his recovery going forward and hope to see him make a full return to the wheel of a car as soon as possible.

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Comments (67)

  • People need to stop. Anyone who has been allowed to get close enough to him to have that knowledge would never have reported it. This is spurious at best and people need to leave them alone, as they have stated is their wish on numerous occassions

      2 years ago
  • unless the statement is from his wife. id take it with a grain of salt.

      2 years ago
  • Leave him alone. Fucking vultures chasing clicks.. scum of the earth

      2 years ago
  • You should be ashamed of yourself... Sharing unsourced rumors from bad tabloid... You are creating false hopes for fans, shame on you really.

      2 years ago
  • Hope this is in fact true and not some tabloid gossip...………….

      2 years ago