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Repost: Mizoram contributing to growth of Indian motorsport through MiMSA

In a vast country like India, it is difficult task to leave an impact on whatever you do. But the north-eastern city Mizoram is already staking its claim towards stamping an authority.

It started this year with the huge number of participants in the Red Bull Road to Rookies Cup and the Suzuki Gixxer Cup - and everyone doing justice in their selection.

So much so, the 2017 Road to Rookies Cup winner Israel Lalhuraizela and runners-up Lalnunsanga came from Mizoram itself.

All this was possible because of Mizoram Motorsports Association (MiMSA) and its ideology to eradicate illegal racing and provide a platform for the enthusiasts.

Full story: www.redbull.com/in-en/putting-mizoram-on-the-indian-two-wheel-racing-map.

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