Rescuing my abandoned first car from a military barracks

A crazy coincidence has made my petrolhead dream come true

16w ago

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Many of you will wish you could have your first car back, and through a weird twist of fate, I am getting that opportunity. Having sold my first car, a Rover 25, back when I was a teenager, I have stumbled upon that very car in a very sorry state. Time to get it back to the workshop and set about making it a minter!

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  • Mike, you are my man ❤️. My first ever car was a 1.4 Rover 25 (I'm a late bloomer, only bought in 2015 - for £450 - 3 years after I moved to UK). I loved every bit of it, the uncmfortable original seats, the rusting lock on the 5th door, the underpowered engine - now I know why 😆 - and the £1.2k I spent to keep on the road for two years before I crashed (The story is on my feed) and ended on a scrapyard, as I didn't have the money the restore 😭. Unfortunately I moved back to Hungary this year, because of the Pandebrexit (gesunthheit!), so the dream to buy one again and fully restore is almost being impossible (however, there are some rusting on the roads in my current city too, so who knows!). Ohh, and I loved the golden color. When I bought, it was a heavy compromise over the price, but grew on me. Hard.

    The Dolce Gabana car, as my friend called him 😆.

    For me, it was the mythical "Golden Stud".

    Yes. I'm crying 😭...

    Thanks man!

      3 months ago
  • Man that is the dream… I wish!

      3 months ago
  • How did it end up there?!?!

      3 months ago
  • I enjoyed your video of rescuing your first car

      3 months ago