Respect, Taste At SEMA 2016

In the land of over the top - euro restomods show how its done

4y ago

Various trends emerge at every SEMA show and this year is no different - but it is special to us at Ästhetik. The resto-mod scene has taken on classic European platforms and many of those projects are taking center stage. This year there is certainly no shortage of BMWs and Porsches on the show floor, all with their own personalities, detail reflecting the passion of their builders.

CAtuned has come out full force with several projects that have caught the eye of so many enthusiasts and professionals. The raw yet clean BMW 2002 is so minimal and functional yet filled with many details that show the care that Igor and his team put into every project.

The other notable build that CAtuned brought out was none other than the Mint E30 (#minte30 across social media). Carbon fiber, S54 engine, full suspension outfit and a full restoration make this a mean driver's car. Igor was also kind enough to feature our CNC e30 door handles - the first set from our first production run. We are honored to be a part of this project. The car has been widely acknowledged as one of the best builds at the show and it shows.

Porsches built by Singer, Magnus Walker, BBi, RWB and others were out in full force. Many iterations and all special in their own ways. Many other BMWs historic and modified were scattered throughout the show. Below is a small gallery of things that caught our attention.

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