Rest In Peace Mr. Naumann - True Berg-Cup Legend with his Supercharged Polo Mk2

Very sad news have emerged yesterday, as German Berg-Cup Legend Peter Naumann passed away after a long fight. It was a long fight that unfortunately has not ended as all HillClimb Racing fans wanted.

For those unaware of Mr. Naumann´s exploits in the sport,Peter, he was famous for racing and developing for several years a quite special Supercharged Polo Mk2 1.4. This Shark-mouthed little Monster produced over 300Hp to move only around 820Kg making it one of the fastest FWD Hillclimbers in the sport while sounding incredible thanks to its supercharger whine.

And as we give our condolences to Mr. Naumann´s family and wish nothing but the best in the wake of such a loss, it´s our duty to remember the man for what he did best and preserve the great moments that surely will live on forever.

And that´s the kind of legacy that will never disappear and makes such an important figure of sport immortal to all true fans.

Rest In Peace Peter, you´ll never be forgotten

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