A dream combination. Plenty has been written and generated about both cars, so I'll keep the writing brief and point to good journalism for those interested in more detailed content.

The Range Rover by Kingsley is a gorgeous resto-mod. Attention to detail, an update on usability and drivability not to mention that all-important 'soul' retention. I haven't driven this myself, however, having had a couple of Range Rover's in my car life I'm hoping the reliability has also been improved. ;)

Photos by: Top Gear

For more content on this vehicle go to: www.topgear.com/car-news/british/restomod-range-rover-classic-costs-ps95000-it-worth-cash

Singers are just stunning cars and have me scouring and obsessing over every tiny detail.

I picked this particular Singer because it's closest to Australia.... which means it's not actually in country. This one was built for a very tasteful and lucky New Zealand customer.

Photos by: Singer Vehicle Design

For more content on this vehicle go to: Evo Magazine video clip ( www.youtube.com/watch?v=QefjoIApDmg )