Restoration Romantic V: Savoring NorCal roads and PCA friends

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4y ago

Wednesday, December 24, 2014

By Michael Benet

Driving in Napa is a pleasure, which is heightened by the interesting cars that frequent its roads. It’s common to spot late-model luxury vehicles from prestigious marques such as Rolls Royce, Bentley, Jaguar, Mercedes-Benz, and, of course, Porsche. But a Porsche sports car, especially from the air-cooled era, is a great choice for this wonderful area, as you can zip about and park just about anywhere, including the smallest spaces in Downtown Napa.

Nearing the end of our journey, traffic remained light and we came to appreciate the well-kept roads. The area is well suited for car people like us, with back roads that are close to the city of Napa and easily accessible. Driving in this vintage Porsche, rowing through the gears, and listening to the exhaust note as the engine purrs through the rev range is medicine for the soul in the NorCal countryside. Of course enjoying a Porsche is easy, but enjoying one that your own hands have brought back to its former glory — while in a very special place with a very special person — is something that has to be experienced. I feel that there is little else that is better.

As we wrap up our tour we indulge in several trips to the spa and fine restaurants. We find it difficult to go wrong with the choices here, as it’s most certainly a destination for couples or groups looking for comfort and divine dinning, in addition to good driving roads.

We grew fond of several of the Napa wines and wanted to take some home, and we were pleased to find out that the wineries can ship their product to your home — no need to stuff them in your luggage! But the shopping was good here too, and there are some items we gathered that will need to be condensed and packed for the flight home or into the 912 for the return trip via the transport truck. The latter option shouldn’t pose a problem if the items are not perishable. Just find a nook or cranny in your Porsche and load them securely. Just remember: You won’t see them for a while!

We called the transport company and instructed it on return trip details, so all that was left was a short, 100-mile drive back to Sacramento so the 912 would be ready for pick-up. Brian Sanders, my Sacramento Valley Region Porsche pal, will again assist with the logistics, ensuring the transport back to Illinois will be smooth and effortless. I cannot stress enough how crucial it is to have great contacts to assist in a trip like this.

Which brings me to this realization: Being part of a club like PCA opens the doors for you to experience events or places with your Porsche that others may not have an opportunity to do. You may not have thought about our club like this before, but having a network of club members across North America (and sometimes overseas) should be considered a main member benefit.

PCA is an amazing club with attributes like this that could be available to you if you reach out and embrace your fellow member. I have yet to find one that is not a fantastic Porsche friend who is willing to help like Brian did for me and my wife. After 26 years of membership, the club still impresses me with the continued growth and a super member support system. It’s why I’m a member. And it’s why I will always be one.

Happy holidays!

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