Restoring the car that Clarkson, Hammond and May all love | Ep.3

It's alive!

2w ago

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It's time top start rebuilding my beloved Ford Mondeo ST200, with the 2.5-litre V6 now gleaming and the body ready to receive a whole bunch of refreshed and renewed parts. This thing is going to be an absolute minter!

Watch the behind the scenes here:

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  • I flew to London for work about 10 years ago (from Silicon Valley) and had a rental car choice - a Mondeo or something else. I chose the Ford and on my first day off I drove out to Dunsfold. The gate was open and the place seemed deserted- so I drove straight in. I poked around the airstrip, looked at what appeared to be the TG related offices, saw a bunch of small ‘shops’ all seemingly involved in fabrication, etc. I got bored and drove out to find the gate locked. Security showed up and ‘invited’ me into the gate house. The walls are coveted with signed 8x10 glossies of all the ‘celeb in a reasonably priced car’ participants- going back decades! They asked a few questions and then politely threw me out.

      17 days ago
  • VERY impressed with this restoration! This will be one of, if not the THE best, example of the model in the country. Back when these were new, I was involved with a business converting customer's cars to run on LPG as well as petrol, and we fitted a newly designed LPG injection system from France (I think). It was supposed to be self programming and you just followed the instructions on the lap-top that was plugged into the car. Purely as a mental exercise, imagine me and my colleague aboard such a car, travelling from Rugby, down the M69 towards the M1. Programming involved different throttle openings that you held until the laptop went 'ping'. We had reached 4rd gear and were at the full throttle setting. Would it go 'ping', would it my arse. It was bouncing off the rev limiter for mile after mile and my recollection was of an indicated 140 (obviously this is in our imaginary scenario, such speeds being illegal in the real world!) and reaching the tight right hand curve that then filters into the M1 (southbound). I was using the whole road in a power slide, lifting off would have spun us out, and entered the M1 which was thankfully lightly trafficked at that moment, followed by braking at antilock brake hammering effort to slow down enough to leave at the Services a few hundred yards further along. Literally a nightmare! The bloody system never did work and was removed and binned. Later systems brought out by competitors were vastly better and worked perfectly straight out of the box... but that was a very long time ago, when life was young and so was I.

      18 days ago
  • Looks great!

      18 days ago
  • Look's phenomenal mike

      19 days ago
  • Looks beautiful Mike, when will she be ready?

      19 days ago