Results for classic or Junkyard this week

Let us take a peak at what was said to be classic or junkyard

Each week I am going to take all the polls from Classic or Junkyard that was posted during that time and rank them here. We will see the results that each car got. That is when we officially name a car a classic or junkyard.

1: Aston Martin DBS 59-Classic

The Aston Martin DBS 59 had 122 votes with 95.1% saying it was a classic while 4.9% saying it was junkyard.

2: C3 Corvettes-Classic

This poll was posted by Chris Breeden on Tuesday. The poll got 95 votes with 72.6% saying it was classic and 27.4% stating it was junkyard.

3: Tesla Model-Junkyard

On Tuesday Simon Robinson posted this poll with the results being quite surprising. There were 72 votes with 70.8% saying it was junkyard and 29.2% saying it was a classic.

4: Rat Rods-Junkyard

Another poll by Chris Breeden this week was Rat Rods. There was 325 votes with 55.15 saying it was junkard and 44.9% saying it was classic. I personally don't agree with the results (ITS CLASSIC)

5: Bugatti Chiron-Classic

The Bugatti Chiron got only 74 votes with 81.1% saying it was classic and 198.9% saying it was junkyard.

6: Chevrolet SSR-Junkyard

Chris Breeden posted this poll on Wednesday with the results not being at all surprising. With 89 votes 77.5% voted it to be junkyard and 22.5% classic.

7: 11th Generation Ford Thunderbird-Junkyard

On Thursday Chris Breeden posted he 11th generation of the Ford Thunderbird. It got 365 votes with 63.3% saying it was junkyard and 36.7% saying it was classic.

8: Honda Civic Type R-Classic

This Honda Civic posted on Thursday only got 50 votes with 60% saying it was a classic while 40% saying it was junkyard.

9: Ferrari 599-Classic

Posted on Thursday by David Spence this poll got 54 votes with 72.2% saying it was classic and the other 27.8% saying it was junkyard.

10: Audi Q8-Junkyard

Dennis Berkhout posted this on Thursday with 47 votes. About 59.6% said it was junkyard while 40.4% said it was classic.

Porsche 911 GT2 RS-Classic

The Porsche 911 GT2 RS got 55 votes with 85.5% saying it was classic while only 14.5% claiming it was junkyard.

Pontiac Fiero-Junkyard

Chris Breeden posted this on Thursday getting 68 votes. Approximately 54.4% saying it was junkyard and 45.6% saying it was classic.

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