Retro-cool concept car teased: Hyundai 45

3w ago


They say, to progress forwards, sometimes, we need to be willing to take a step backwards. Hyundai appears to have done something similar as they tease their upcoming fully-electric concept car, the 45.

Said to be released at the upcoming Frankfurt Motor Show, the 45’s design is said to be reminiscent of the Korean’s manufacturer’s first-ever model, the Hyundai Pony. According to Hyundai, this fully-electric concept car will serve as a design milestone for all its other EVs, rolling out in the future.

Hyundai Pony

Being an old-school arcade game fan, I absolutely loved the pixelated tail light design. Further, the rear windscreen seems to have been raked steeply while the lines in this concept appear to be more sleek and dynamic rather than being swoopy. I hope Hyundai carries the pixelated tail lights to the production version as well. Which is, IF they decide on making a production version altogether. The rest of the car, like the front end, interiors, powertrain specifications haven’t been exhibited yet.

The 45 will supposedly be flanked by the new iteration of the i10 hatchback and the i30 N Project C, a limited-edition track attack car.


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