Do they have a future?

44w ago

The vintage car styling and designs are one the most gorgeous elements in the automotive world. Today’s cars simply don’t possess that kind of design, feel and so on. The key reason is that our cars of today are mass produced and purely made by Robots.

They don’t do anything but follow the command given and that pattern continues for the rest of the car products on the market. Also, another reason is that our rules and regulations have been aimed more towards safety and environment friendly (even cars manufactured purely for speed) has to be aerodynamically efficient, pass through safety tests which would spoil the curves in the design for example. Meanwhile, those cars of yesteryear were hand made, had unique elements that made every single car different. Eg- In 1963 Ferrari 250 GTO, each car’s body was handbeaten into shape by the designer, this led into each car being different. In one case, the driver’s door was 1cm longer than the passenger door.

There’s something about this kind of charisma even though it’s flawed. And adding modern tech, creating a retro effect will certainly work but only for the niche market. The mass audience wouldn’t be able to afford such masterpieces. And something to note here is that it will be really tricky and tedious to have some of the tech like traction control, stability control, etc... to fit into an old design simply because the car was not made for it, the slots, electrical units would be completely old school which wouldn’t be able to house such things. So, if those are altered in any manner or even created from scratch, it increases build cost and the fact that it cannot be put into mass production.

However, tech like suspension, brakes, modern engine, power steering system, etc will be possible as they are purely mechanical. It’s down to the job of finding the right engine or whatever modern part to fit the old vehicle.

There have been several works like this by bespoke Vehicle tuning/restoring companies.

Eg- 1974 Porsche 911 made by Singer company (around £800,000 cost)

50’s-60’s Volkswagen Beetle, Mini cooper retro-ed up (£25000-75000) -> still costly for a small hatchback.

Jaguar E-type made by Eagle speedster (£1.2 million cost)

So, is there a future? Yes and No is my answer. It does but only for the car collectors, niche enthusiasts, purists who can afford to buy such vehicles. It cannot be mass produced! This is my opinion... What do you think, let me know in the comments.

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