It has been almost two months since I cannot stop listening to Childish Gambino's new album, "Awaken, My Love!". Why am I acting like such a weirdo? The answer is simple - because it's different and you don't get that anymore.

The music has soul - ergo, the name of the genre. It also has groove and it feels authentic and alive. I encourage you to listen to "Redbone" or "Me and Your Mama". Yes, he's very much allowed to have these kind of titles. But more to the point, you'll feel what music should sound like and you'll fall irremediably in love. And I dare you not making funny faces upon hearing the mid-song solos.

Even the artwork is bonkers.

Even the artwork is bonkers.

The same can be said, I think, about the 2018 Aston Martin Vanquish S. My view on it is that this is a classic car which you can purchase while still being brand new. It could also very well turn out to be an investment, but money is not the interesting aspect here.

The 6.0 liter naturally aspirated V12 engine, though, is quite interesting. It's a masterpiece. Does it make the car faster than the DB11? No. But manages to sound like the previously mentioned record and to also produce 580 bhp. The best thing is that it's funky at both 1500 or 7000 rpm, a range which makes for an excellent R&B album. It's like driving James Brown. I think it can be said that you'll be driving and making art at the same time.

It's like driving James Brown.

The Vanquish S is incredible to look at also - you'll want to lick it or ask it for a romantic date. You know that it also has incredibly beautiful sisters which you have heard are great in bed, but you'll want the best of them all - the sibling which can both rock your world and behave at your parents' Christmas dinner.

Do you want to come upstairs for a coffee?

Do you want to come upstairs for a coffee?

It's surreal that cars like the Vanquish S or the R8 V10 Plus are still made. I reckon that in a few years they'll be gone. In the mean time, however, I suggest enjoying them to the fullest. If you have $300,000 lying around, of course.

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