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3y ago


- Meet George (Fiesta) and Luke (Rabbit). UK builders and drivers of these seriously quick little hatches.
- George has completed a Zetec engine swap for his Fiesta. Going from the stock 1 litre to a (relatively) modern Ford Mondeo 2 litre.
- George also modified the engine to use carbs instead of the existing direct injection system.
- George has cut his teeth working as a mechanic on all sorts of classics.
- The power to weight ratio is pure lunacy for a lightweight hatch with no driver aids. “You kinda need a bit of a straight road to actually use it, otherwise you’ll just kill yourself."
- Nothing beats and evening run.
- Luke has owned the Golf since he learned to drive. He told us how he simply can't sell it.
- Luke's Golf has a 1.8 top-end from a GTi with the K-jet injection system and the bottom of a 2L VW 8 valve. “It’s a longer stroke, the engine sits an inch higher. So that is what makes it up to a 2 litre.”
- apart from the fact that they have both got tasteful un-stock wheels, you just wouldn’t know how fast they are just by looking at them.
- “When I got it the paintwork was gone so I had to bare metal it and take it down to bare metal.” After spending a winter in a shed removing the old paint George had it resprayed back to its original colour.
- “It’s got a really good shine. It’s quite nice at night because it just looks black, you can’t tell that it’s blue. It’s Midnight Blue.”
- Modest interior on the Fiesta gives nothing away.
- Now, around 150 horsepower by modern standards isn’t a lot, but look rearwards of the Recaro front seats in Luke’s Golf and the next noteworthy feature will be the rear boot lid. These cars are seriously light.

1980’s budget eco cars don't magically ping into classic fun-karts after a spit & polish - there's some serious work going on underneath.

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Comments (35)

  • I genuinely couldn't be more jealous. Can't wait to get my hot hatch and start working on her

      3 years ago
  • I like the Fiesta!

      3 years ago
  • I love the fiesta. You see a few of them kicking around at silly money too - much less than equivalent quality original examples :)

      3 years ago
  • That is one nice looking Fiesta

      3 years ago
  • Applause guys. I do have an 80s hatch project myself. Italian though :D

      3 years ago