Return of the supersport - Honda reveals new CBR600RR

Nobody was expecting another 600 supersport from Honda

15w ago


The 600 supersport class has been a dying breed since electronics were unleashed on the litre bike market, making them far more accessible to newer riders who would've traditionally used a 600cc bike as a stepping stone to the rather bonkers 1000cc missiles.

Declining sales has seen Suzuki and Honda remove their 600 screamers back in 2017 and I was as surprised as anyone to see them dipping their toes back in the water to compete with the likes of the Yamaha R6 once again.

Here's a preview of their upcoming 600RR, borrowing heavily in styling from the 2020 Fireblade.


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Comments (5)

  • Wonder how it will stack up against the R6. Seems Yamaha is the only one left putting good suspension on the sub 1000cc bikes.

      3 months ago
    • This is just a slightly rebodied version of the 2017 bike

      No mechanical changes

        3 months ago
  • Honda getting serious about sports machines again is good news! Even for non-Honda fans, it's moving the game forward for everyone. Can't wait to see this machine.

      3 months ago
    • Mr Honda won’t be bringing it to Europe. I can only hazard a guess it’s nowhere near achieving Euro 5 (or the previous euro 4 for that matter)

        3 months ago
    • It would be unfortunate if you don't get it, bit odd that they'd end up over here and not over there. Still, nice seeing new sports bikes being developed at all.

        3 months ago


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