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A fun follow up from the estate sale hawl I posted about a month ago. I was sorting through my empty Matchbox boxes, and noticed I had one for the 9c fire engine that I found at the sale. The casting is mint, so it deserves a box, match made in heaven. I then realized the 3b Bedford truck is rarer than I realized with fine grey plastic wheels, and is also virtually mint, so I decided to look for a box for it. I found one at an OK price, and now have 2 more boxed models to add to the hoard. These Type D boxes are correct for both of the casting variants.

Linking models to boxes can a time and money consuming endeavor and I usually shy away from it, but in this case, it was easy and didn't break the bank. I know many aren't as interested in the boxes as the models themselves, but I find both to be interesting, and boxes can be as much of a science as researching the history of the models themselves.

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  • I get the box thing, here's my latest repaint with a reproduction box.

      1 year ago
    • Nice. I've noticed Dinky restoration is quite a thing.

        1 year ago
    • It's definitely a thing. Especially when you look at the cost of genuine mint in box Dinkys. This Simca was 6euros, (very play worn) the repro box another 6 euros ,plus a few euros of paint and a couple of euros for new tyres. A fraction of the...

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        1 year ago