Revealed: This is the most popular C8 Corvette spec

The all-new Stingray is certainly proving popular, but would you spec yours this way?

7w ago

When the C8 Corvette was released to the public, it generated a storm of media attention. For better or worse, the C8 'Stingray' certainly proved popular, and as a result, Chevrolet set themselves a target of building 20,000 models for the 2020 model year.

While they haven't been able to hit this target due to the ongoing global crisis, the National Corvette Museum has now shared the specification stats for 2020 MY cars, and there is a distinct pattern as to what the most commonly-specced setup is.

The car you see above is pretty much the 'ideal' Corvette spec for many buyers. Despite a number of colours being available, the majority of customers chose to opt for the Torch Red paint you see before you. Perhaps unsurprisingly, Zeus Bronze was the least-loved colour choice, with less than 3% of buyers opting to choose it.

The wheels also had a clear winner, with the majority of customers opting for the painted Carbon open-spoke wheels. In terms of options, the Z51 Performance Package wiped the floor with the rest, with a whopping 76% of 2020 customers opting to install this package on their C8 Stingray. Alongside this, Carbon Flash Vents and Carbon Flash Badges were the other most popular options.

Inside the car, it seems that black leather seats were the most popular choice - and let's be honest, it is the best-looking choice available to C8 Corvette buyers. Surprisingly though, the least-popular option was the black/grey suede combination, which still looks fantastic in the C8.

Unsurprisingly the front lift system was optioned by over 55% of buyers, which will no doubt prove useful on poorly-paved roads or in urban areas, where drivers may encounter speed bumps or steep parking ramps.

Finally, it will come as no shock to learn the coupé was far more popular with customers than the convertible variant, with 82.4% of customers opting for the coupé. Configurations are now available for 2021 orders, so if you're feeling inspired, why not spec your own ideal C8 and share it with us below?

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Comments (8)

  • Here's my spec. Definitely will stand out amongst the yellow and red ones

      1 month ago
  • Few months ago, I called the C8 a Ferrari wannabe. A lot of DTs mentioned my family for that blasfemy. Now, the buyers confirmed it :)

    Still think the Vettes should be Vettes... Front engined simple and honest (bit raw and unrefined) V8s... C7 for me, pls. Red is OK.

      1 month ago
    • Ya I agree, I hate the C8. Just too different, and I agree it is a Ferrari wannabe.

        1 month ago
  • LT2 coupe. Black exterior, natural Mulan leather interior, front lift, chrome badges, magnetic ride control, edge red engine cover, standard wheels, splash guards, and illuminated sills.

      1 month ago
  • Here's mine:

      1 month ago
  • Love the wheels but this is what I would do. Had to add some red to the interior. Some strips on the exterior. A few packages. Yeah.

      1 month ago