REVEALED: Where F1 stars REALLY go on holiday!

Ever wondered where Lewis, Daniel, Kimi and company vacation? Wonder no more...

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It’s the traditional summer break from F1 and the drivers are taking a well-earned rest, away from all that first class travel and five star hotel drudgery.

It is also time for a bit of privacy, as all that adoration and fan worship can get a bit tiring, so the drivers (most of them at least) keep their holiday destinations a secret, or simply tweet pictures of themselves in the gym, trying to kid us that is where they are.

However, our investigative team have managed to discover where six of our secretive heroes are (allegedly) spending their summer hols…

DANIEL RICCIARDO – Home on the Range

Down at heel? Dan’s luxury holiday pad is most definitely not.

Down at heel? Dan’s luxury holiday pad is most definitely not.

Last week, a video of Daniel was doing the rounds on social media, purporting to show the Aussie star partying on a Las Vegas balcony.

We can reveal that this was in fact a cleverly staged decoy, actually filmed in Milton Keynes before Dan jetted back to Australia.

Our man has invested his Red Bull millions wisely, building his own luxury , bespoke holiday home on his sprawling ranch, close to his childhood home of Duncraig, just outside of Perth.

Complete with an underground car park, Olympic sized swimming pool, games room and bar, this is one holiday spot you wouldn’t give the boot.

KIMI RAIKKONEN – Getting away from it all

Some Trappist monks yesterday.

Some Trappist monks yesterday.

Asked at the Hungarian Grand Prix, where he’d be going on holiday, Kimi pointed out that he travelled all year, so did not see the point of going anywhere, and would stay at home in Finland.

A clever curve ball pitched by the Finnish superstar.

A well-known lover of minimalistic conversation and the odd tipple, the Kimster chooses to recharge his batteries with a stay with the monks at a Belgian Trappist monastery.

Peace and quiet and copious amounts of home brew to hand.


LEWIS HAMILTON – Travelling in style..

Hamilton’s bespoke camper, luxury inside and out.

Hamilton’s bespoke camper, luxury inside and out.

Keen to get closer to the people, Lewis has allegedly forsaken the Grenada festival scene and is believed to be holidaying at a campsite in Skegness.

Wishing to blend in, the British ace has decided to stay out in the open and has had a £2.5m camper van built, just for this break.

With gold fittings, a ballroom, on-board recording studio and fully equipped gym, our hero is set to enjoy a wonderful time with the locals on the sunny Lincolnshire coast.

KEVIN MAGNUSSEN – Prefers an activity break

Kevin always liked a bit of blocking

Kevin always liked a bit of blocking

One who really does prefer to have a staycation is Haas driver, Kevin Magnussen.

Unbeknown to those outside of K-Mag’s close circle of friends, the Dane is a huge fan of Lego and has one of the largest private collections in Europe of it, stored at his palatial mansion, in his hometown of Roskilde.

Kev’s Denmark home is conveniently not far from Legoland Billund Resort, where the cleverly disguised star is known to spend many days, enjoying the attractions, often adding to his priceless collection at the gift store.

Rumours also suggest that Kevin also has a static caravan at a park near Legoland Windsor.

LANCE STROLL – Out of this world!

Moon base Lance

Moon base Lance

Having a dad who is a billionaire can be quite handy at times, especially when holidaying in such dull, ordinary places like the Caribbean, or South of France is like, sooo what everybody else does.

So, to keep his boy happy, Mr Stroll bought several acres of the Moon and built Lance a self-contained holiday home.

The whole complex also doubles up as a kart track, keeping the Canadian mega-star race ready, though a recent breakdown of the indoor gravity system did apparently lead to one of his famous strops, as it was some hours before a member of staff found him pinned to the ceiling.

Friends of the Williams driver, lucky enough to be invited for a visit, have said that it is nice but lacks atmosphere.

FERNANDO ALONSO – Still not sure where he is going

Will he stay, or will he go, and do we even care anymore?

Will he stay, or will he go, and do we even care anymore?

According to a source close to the Spanish legend, Fernando Alonso still hasn’t actually started his holiday, despite the Belgian Grand Prix looming on the horizon.

Alonso was last reported to be stuck in a Woking travel agency, completely unable to decide whether to go to America or stick with Europe.

A decision is however expected to come soon.

Thank goodness.

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