Revenge of the electric car: Gas station blocked in Croatia.

It looks like some EV owners didn´t kindly take ICEing...

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RFAs we all know ICEing is the act of blocking a electric car charging station with a Internal combustion car. It can be intentional like a protest or unintentional like clueless parking.

However owners of electric cars in Croatia decided to block a busy gas station in Croatia in an act of protest organized be the local EV owner club against the lack of prosecution against the block of charging infraestructure knowing as ICEing. Sometimes ICEing happens because some drivers don´t pay attention to their signals, don´t care or think no one will go charge in there. Just like a EV vehicle parking besides a gas pump.

A brief video of the protest shows how it went.

From what we can see on the video there´s quite a lot of BEV cars parked on the gas station effectively blocking all of the gas/diesel pumps, The blockade lasted over 6 minutes and was quickly dissolveed but still it managed to create a long awaiting row of ICE car owners get VERY pissed off.

The demonstration appart from some angry faces and delays It was peaceful, made in order to show how ridiculous & annoying can be to park a ICE vehicle on a Charging spot.

My personal take on the event.

(The following opinion doesn´t represent DT´s opinion on this matter)

Although I understand the reason for this protest, I know that ICE car owners ... did not like being late to work or home thanks to a lot of EV owners doing the same action they suffer from turning them into the evil they despite so much, actions like this won´t help raise awareness but rather make the hate towards EV cars in general get fuel.... Electric fanboys also won´t help improve the matter as well making the public hate EV technology even more.

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  • And we already got a law here against blocking charging stations....

      1 year ago
  • Blocking a charging station should be a ticketable offense just like parking in a handicap spot or in front of a fire hydrant regardless of whether you’re an oblivious idiot or just trying to be an ass.

      1 year ago
  • Meh, most garages get blocked by people who get fuel then go shopping inside the forecourt store.

      1 year ago
    • I bet many protestors didnt think about it.

        1 year ago
    • Nope, thing is EV owners have to find something to do for 35 minutes whilst they wait for their car to be charged. 6 minutes is like waiting for someone trying to decide on what food, drink and other items they want plus they time it takes them to...

      Read more
        1 year ago