REVIEW: Full Race Eng. Focus RS

      Behold, the ugliest RS Build to date.

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      Behold, the ugliest RS Build to date. It’s like it was designed by committee and everyone got what they wanted. ‘I want a strip here’, ‘I want a stripe here!’, ‘OOOOO lets put a mustang-esq stripe on the side!’. Nothing lines up, lines are stopped in random places, and the stripe on the side is fighting the body line on the doors….and it’s losing! The black stripes on the hood are reminiscent of suspenders worn by a San Francisco hipster that showers bi-monthly, complete with orange lipstick just to prove how confused and ‘progressive’ it is as it hides in its safe space. ‘Yeah, but what about Lotus! It’s like a nod to Lotus!’ STOP IT! JUST STOP IT! The headlights are connected to the bright orange lips via stripes that complete the dirty hipster look that can only be described as a raging case of morning eye boogers. The incredible F110 billet wheels are completely lost in the design, and look more like a set of of Chinese made eBay wheels. They just look forgotten.

      I’m not a fan of carbon fiber, and I’m even less of a fan of misplaced carbon fiber. Satin carbon lip, satin carbon side splitters, satin carbon rear splitter, and a GLOSS carbon roof (of which is left off of the build sheet). ‘Let’s make the roof carbon fiber, so it really leaves the hipster suspenders,’ (did I mention I hate the hood stripes?) ‘looking out of place since it flows with nothing.’


      Okay, enough ranting (fingers crossed)

      The build on paper looks stunning. The power-adders are impressive which is Full Race’s bread and butter. It’s a complete engine build from pistons to turbo and everything in between. The improved power is assisted with a LSD and an incredible carbon driveshaft. KW coilover suspension and upgraded Brembo 6-piston brakes help round out the performance aspect of the build.

      The performance portion of the build is impressive, complete, and worthy of a place in the Ford booth at SEMA. All of the hard work put into the performance of the car is completely missed since it’s wrapped in a confused hipster, and even if you look closer, you’re left feeling underwhelmed since this performance company failed to provide exactly how much performance was added…. HO? TQ? 1/4 Mile? o-60? 60-0?

      Perhaps Ford should have put this one out front at SEMA with the other less-than’s.

      If they want to use the car to get some attention on their products in an over saturated market, perhaps they’ll rethink their design. Here’s a suggestion:

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