Review: hot wheels alfa romeo giulia sprint gta

I picked this up from Target the other day while running errands. It's part of Hot Wheels' premium Entertainment line with a metal body, metal base, rubber tires, and full tampos all around. As such, it carries a hefty price tag (~5 USD), but I think this little gem is well worth the cost of entry.


+ Full tampo decals all round, from the headlights to the tailights

+ Realistic looking racing livery (compared to some of the more garish HW colors)

+ Good wheel and tire selection that matches the casting


- Paint and decal application is slightly sloppy (e.g. the red/white line is not sharp)

- Pricey for a Hot Wheels car


The best new Hot Wheels Alfa Romeo casting in a long time. Pick one up if you can find it. RECOMMENDED!

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