Review: LaFerrari Aperta 1:14 RC Car

It's a belter.

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The LaFerrari Aperta is the convertible sibling of the LaFerrari coupe, revealed in late 2016 to celebrate the company’s 70th anniversary. Like the LaFerrari, it also has a naturally aspirated V12 engine that outputs 963 horsepower to the rear wheels. It’s even rarer than its sibling as it’s limited to only 200 customer cars. You’ll be able to hear more of that magnificent, howling engine and enjoy the million miles of sky above you as it’s an open-top car. Unfortunately, you won’t hear the engine in this 1:14 LaFerrari Aperta RC car that I have here. But at least you’ll be able to own one without having to rob a bank.

I confirmed my order of this LaFerrari Aperta back in July of this year, waited a month and a half and then my importer said he’d lost my car. So, I ordered it again and received it within 3 weeks.

It comes in four colors at this moment- Greyish Black, Red, Yellow and Matte Black. The official press car was a black car with red stripes that made it look like a Batmobile. But I chose the red Aperta because it looks awesome beside my also red LaFerrari coupe, and the black R/C didn’t look that great with silver wheels in pictures.

The LaFerrari Aperta’s doors open differently than the coupe’s do. The doors are flimsy and feel like they might fall apart by a gust of wind. Being a convertible, the Aperta has slightly different door mirrors as well. Both the headlights and taillights work when you move it forward or backward. I wish it had an option to turn the lights on permanently. I requested the company to provide an optional roof with this RC car last year but they didn’t take my proposition. Sigh.

Neither the engine cover nor the bonnet opens. It’s not a diecast so it’s expected. But the exterior is full of Ferrari logos, even the engine has ‘Ferrari’ written on it. The body is painted with care by machine. You can easily spot the racing stripes and the 70th anniversary logo on the body.

The interior is as impeccably detailed as its exterior. The steering wheel doesn’t move and it isn’t connected to the front wheels. But it doesn’t matter that much. The seats are black in the Aperta whereas those are red in the coupe. I wish it came with black rims but they don’t offer this option. Both of these cars share the same rims but the wheels and the tires are different. The LaFerrari has proper wheels and tires made of rubber while the front tires are different of the LaFerrari Aperta and the rear wheels are completely plastic. These wheels have little to no traction at all on a slightly damp surface and the rear suspensions have no give.

Interestingly, this car has a drift option. You press the drift button on the remote control and it sort of slips like it’s stepped on a banana peel. This so-called drifting feature is ridiculous so using plastic wheels doesn’t help that. I wouldn’t call it drifting so don’t expect it to drift like those expensive hobby grade RC cars. I may not like it as I’m an adult, but keep in mind, it’s a toy, and it’s for the kids. Kids love gimmicks in their toys. Therefore, I don’t blame the company for including this feature in this RC car.

It’s very hard to recognize which is which between these two cars from distance when you open the doors up. You can though, by checking those silver stripes and the 70th badge. The one that has both of these is the LaFerrari Aperta.

It’s very hard to recognize which is which between these two cars from distance when you open the doors up. You can though, by checking those silver stripes and the 70th badge. The one that has both of these is the LaFerrari Aperta.

Sadly, it doesn’t have built-in USB charging and neither does it come with rechargeable batteries. You’ll have to buy new batteries (5 AA batteries and a 9V battery for the remote) or use rechargeable ones when it runs out of juice. In some specific markets (China and Australia) this RC car comes with built-in USB charging but in other places it doesn’t. I don’t know why it’s not an option in every model and I have no idea why they don’t sell the rechargeable models on Amazon or EBay. I’ve been complaining about this for two years, but the manufacturer, Rastar, has done nothing about it.

The Aperta’s 8 KPH top speed isn’t enough to pulverize your friend’s nitro fueled hobby-grade RC car in a race, but as it’s a toy-grade R/C car, it will suffice. I put it in a drag race against the LaFerrari and it kept up with that. I’m too scared to test it thoroughly as might get scratched or damaged, so I’m just going to keep this in the garage. But you might not be a collector like me, so, don’t keep it on the shelf forever. Go, have fun.

I wish the rear wheels weren’t made of plastic. I wish it had built-in USB charging. I wish it was a good toy, a decent ‘RC’ car, not just a collectible to keep on a showcase. You might say I’m complaining too much. And you are right. It can easily be an alternative to the die-casts that cost a few hundred dollars. And most importantly, it’s a Ferrari. I shouldn’t ask for more. I love it.

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